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Sep '22

Noble Bourgeois

She imagines if everything was only one dream If people could wake up and to know, that religion does not exist nor war nor death, nor hunger, only PEACE It imagines if we could choose our destination, which would be it. ! Lawyer, I medicate or only one Noble Bourgeois. To put we could choose […]

Sep '22

Medicianl Sciences

' The life is short, science is vast, the esquiva chance, the dangerous intervention and the difficult judgment. He is not enough that the doctor makes what it is necessary, but the sick person and its assistants must make what she competes to them. the circumstances must be favorveis.' ' (Hipcrates) IT HISSES. This study […]

Oct '21

The Hypothesis

These in turn must be observed, organized and systemize through the questions that had been placed the nature, that is, to still carry through experiences, counting on the investigativo sense of the scholar (researcher). The second board it is of absence, it considers to classify the facts, it consists of distributing the facts in methodical […]

Sep '20

The Best

Now, let’s explain the most effective ways to earn money on the internet., let’s start. 1 Earn money with Adsense and Blogger: I started to make money online 5 years ago with something similar to blogger, and I recommend it if you don’t have initial money to invest, here your first investment will be time, […]

Aug '20

Religion And How Man Implements It

Thus we see being excused the universalizante treatment of ' ' RELIGIO' ' this that drift of the Latin term ' ' Reverse speed; ' , that it means ' ' religao' ' with the holy ghost. That for definition engloba necessarily any form of mstico and religious aspect, that has as characteristic basic a […]

Jun '20

Community Fishing Boats

Its boat, however, is come alongside next to the fishing boats in the community. It is natural of the state of So Paulo, exerted the truck driver function and, after to contract marriage in 1998 with the one son ' ' patro' ' of it fishes of the colony, it started to be accepted in […]

Jan '19

Time Work Industrial Capitalism

Script of the SEMINARY: ) Presentation of UDIOVISUAL with compilations of based images and audio in the analyses of the team on these texts? this stage WAS TRANSFERRED and will be carried through in the next lesson due to imperfections techniques. b) Praxiolgico thematic axle: ‘ ‘ TANGO, THE DANCE OF THE CENTURY (XX) ‘ […]

Dec '13


He just blindly converted into action. Instead of talking about that oppresses them and their conflicts, children are once again portray the way they were treated the important people in my childhood. Unconscious reaction of the teacher on such behavior students due to using a third notion of countertransference. Countertransference – is more or less […]

Nov '12

The Universal

The division of Weber (2002) enters the action man (politician) and the scientist must be clear: a researcher must explicitar where moment says ceases it of the researcher and says initiates it of the will man. ' ' The universal validity of science demands that the scientist does not contaminate it (the inquiry) with its […]

May '12


1. Mound of Venus. 2.Holm Mars, 3. Hill of the Moon. 4. Holm Jupiter. 5. Hill Saturn. 6. Hill of the Sun. 7. Holm Mercury. 8. Holm Chiron. 9. Holm Pluto. I1. Valley of Neptune, 12. Plain Proserpine. White Moon (Selene) and Black Moon (Lilith) in astrology are not planets stewards of any zodiac signs. […]