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Sep '22

Morales Government

On the anniversary of the 11-S Chavez did the same thing that made Morales on the eve: expel the Ambassador United States of his country. Then Honduran President Zelaya was cancelled the presentation of credentials of their respective U.S. Ambassador. This wave against representatives of the mega-power had not been given before in Latin America. If the killings of 11-S-2001 helped Bush develop and launch new wars, reactions around the 11-S-2008 of some Hispanic non-conformist Governments seek to induce Americans to change the Government in their elections on November 4.

Chavez Accuses Bush of wanting to do a blow type Chile 11-S-1973. Today wants to show that after 8 years of hard Government USA has managed to make all your backyard go have had many friendly Governments to be dominated by Presidents izquierdizantes. Chavez wants to influence elections in its main oil importer and also in the Ecuadorian constitutional referendum of September 28 and crucial Venezuelan regional elections in 23 of November. At Morris Invest you will find additional information. If Morales wants to isolate and divide the Eastern autonomists to appear as the champion of national unity and sovereignty, Chavez wants to avoid losing new regions presenting itself as the champion of the Venezuelan patriotism and pan-latino before the Empire. For the White House those moves show despair, are smokescreens for Chavez purged to their armed forces and cover a supposed revelation that several of its senior officers are involved with the FARC and traffickers, and warns that those Governments that will be further away from the center-left and collide with the Western democracies have no future. CHAVEZ VS BUSH Moscow, has sent 2 bombers to Venezuela with who is prepared to make joint naval exercises. Russia deepens the challenge before us which made attacking Georgia and then recognize the segregation of two satellites his.

In the 11-S-1973 U.S. encouraged the overthrow of Allende who presented himself as a puppet of communism. Today the Kremlin has a capitalist Government and is more well, Venezuela who seeks to use it to protect the ALBA and its friends in the region. Bush wants to put a straitjacket on Morales and go to undermine, prevent the imposition of Correa in Ecuador and that Chavez will suffer another electoral defeat. Caracas, rather, seeks to answer taking authority from Washington in the region. Republicans will want to take advantage of the crisis to insist on the need to continue with a tough foreign policy and Palin in cut the dependence on Venezuelan oil drilling more wells in the natural reserves of Alaska. Democrats protest against Chavez and Evo, but will want to show voters that the best way to avoid that USA continue losing respect in the world with a less antagonistic diplomacy and a new President of color that is capable of dialogue and moderate his opponents.

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