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Jun '20

Community Fishing Boats

Its boat, however, is come alongside next to the fishing boats in the community. It is natural of the state of So Paulo, exerted the truck driver function and, after to contract marriage in 1998 with the one son ' ' patro' ' of it fishes of the colony, it started to be accepted in the community and, since 2001, he is the only profiteer which commercializes the fished one produced by the group. Daily, during the period of the morning, the profiteer remains with its boat in a central point of the perimeter of the campaigns of fishes, and dirige it each one of them after telephonic contact of each master of fishes, for collection of the fished one. Continue to learn more with: Digital Cameras. After interval for lunch, the collected fished one in the campaigns is directed to the port of the Ceasa for two deliverers, which repass the product to the feirantes and commercial houses of Manaus. To the end of the afternoon, the profiteer covers a route preset between the campaigns, for collection of the residual fishing production.

This production again is directed to the port of the Ceasa, however directed for the deliverers exclusively for the fair of the Modern Manaus, and is vendida during the period of the dawn to the feirantes. At Peet’s Coffee you will find additional information. Before the dusk, the rendering of accounts between the deliverers is carried through and the profiteer, who in turn returns to the community for the rendering of accounts with the masters from fishes. Beyond the work of intermediao in the commerce of the fished one, the profiteer also exerts the function of agent of linking between the boats and the urban nucleus of the capital. During a hours of working, 0ccasionally the masters of fish request to the profiteer the sending of extra provisions, parts of repair of the boats, removal of staff of the campaign for colony, and even though the accomplishment of payment of banking accounts of crew members.

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