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Apr '20


The travel industry is unpredictable in these days with the increase in the prices of flights, extras in travel expenses and unpredictable prices of gasoline. People are waiting for lower prices, but as there is no such, we want to offer our customers a better price on their stay and their packages of activities, to […]

Nov '19

The World

Even if you not possible to serve others, or are not willing to do so, at least, avoid harm. This is a form of good service. The man is the synthesis of all the feelings, emotions and reactions that arise in your mind. The mind is the seat of all the cravings, desires and thoughts. […]

Nov '19

Amnesty International

They represent a social movement that should be studied, especially taking into account that the freedoms and social gains are fragile. Who would have thought a few years ago that Guantanamo would exist in one of the world’s oldest democracies?, or China may have as much pernicious foreign influence in Africa or Latin America? Any […]

Oct '19


Although the own carelessness of pedestrians, especially to cross the street at the wrong time or in improper places, are placed as the cause of a good part of the abuses, it is undeniable that many cases are own negligent actions of drivers that give rise to them in others. They are mostly children and […]

Jun '19

The State

Definition that includes two of the most important features such as: faced with blocks. The State of tension. According to some researchers and historians, the covert war can be described in the following manner: global conflict developed between 2024 and 2064, starring the corporate statements and the State corporations, in which the emanating first from […]

Jan '19

The Reasons

To carry a more granular control you will see appear certain expenses that it had not repaired or that they seemed unimportant, but that to be added they show their true weight and the actual incidence in the current economy, will be shown to light as one of the reasons for which are not economically […]

Aug '13


How does it work?Very good question and here’s the answer: basically what you need or want is to find personal freelance and published a job advertisement on oDesk with details of the work (s), the salary range which is offering, as well as specific skills or qualifications that are required.The plaintiffs replied to your message […]

Jun '13

The Saburra

A black pale and also slippery saburra involves an excess of cold due to a deficiency of Yang.Cuidados to taken into account during the diagnosis by the lenguYa that each individual disorder goes through a complicated process, the body language and the saburra conditions are manifestations of complex internal pathological changes. The condition of the […]

May '13

Forum Madrid Franchise

At the end of April, the epicenter of the experience in franchise will be cued in ExpoFranquicia 2010, one of the most prestigious and recognized in the panorama of the franchise in Spain. It is mundoFranquicia consulting has not hesitated to bring together a wide selection of experts, professionals and entrepreneurs that more and better […]

Mar '13

Chimanta Aracamuni

they make up a kind of typical plateaus of the Guianas, which, in the Gran Sabana, reached its maximum altitude in the Tepuy Roraima, with 2 800 m above sea level. Among the most famous Tepuis are Autana, the Pico de Neblina (the highest of all in Venezuela and bordering Brazil, is also the highest […]