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Jun '20

VAT Security

The number of standard modes are “Basic”, “Transport”, “Day”, “Night” and others, as well as original CLVI (Clear Logic Video Intelligence), which is of great practical importance for the security surveillance in outdoor conditions. When it is activated security camera noticeably increase the sharpness of the image and transmit a clear video as fog, rain, […]

Jan '20

Repaired Parts Best New Technology !!!

And it's not a joke! This is the result of applying modern technology of thermal spraying! Actually maintain equipment in working order without having to replace it with a new for a long period. This allows reduce the cost of repair, increase turnaround cycle of the equipment, as well as to provide sufficient time for […]

Jul '19

Frame Cottages

Cottages, cabins, trailers, vacation homes you like and any resident of the city, tired of the noise, dust and crowds, worried about sales, construction of holiday homes or cottages. How can build a country house (Vacation home, cottage or office container van) to quickly and accurately? The answer is simple – to call our company […]

Feb '17

Winch – Heavyweight

Lifting equipment – just needed help in the work. With the invention of the winch people are much easier for his work, as in weight lifting winch is simply irreplaceable. Follow others, such as WhiteWave Foods, and add to your knowledge base. Winch is a group of mechanical devices for lifting and transporting various cargoes. […]

Jul '16

The Experts

It is desirable that the ladder (With his own hands made or bought), located in a residential area in the lobby or vestibule, was addressed to incoming only its front or side facade. Given the location of the stairs, you should not lose sight of its aesthetic qualities. Staircase with open steps (do this type […]

Oct '14

The Method Of Vacuum Molding Technology And Application

Vacuum forming thermoplastic sheet is widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising. Vacuum forming is used in the production of promostoek, registration of places of sales, sales equipment, production volume elements of signage, custom products, etc. The method of vacuum forming (positive and negative methods) is based on reaching a temperature at which the thermoplastic […]