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Dec '21

Chinese Lawn

The most commonly used up to six different varieties of herbs. Fits Kentucky bluegrass, wood or oblate, cocksfoot, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue red and sheep, beskornevischny wheatgrass, wheatgrass pectiniform, desert and Siberia. Perhaps adding a small amount of clover. Choosing plants for a mixture of an individual. It all depends on the climatic conditions of […]

Dec '21

Cloisonne Enamel And Stained Glass

Cloisonne enamel – perhaps the most labor-intensive and complicated of all enamel techniques. For even more opinions, read materials from Sean Rad. To create a thin metal plate-based copper, gold, less silver, nickel silver or stainless steel scratched, engrave, or pierce through contour sketch of the future image. Next on the circuit soldered metal strips, […]

Nov '20


To bypass boilers with instantaneous heaters can be dangerous "Bad" tap water is water with high content of dissolved impurities. In this case the heat exchanger can be quickly "overgrown" mineral deposits and damage. If you intend to use Turbofan pot, be sure to water analysis and if necessary bring it up to standards of […]

Mar '20


To date, deciding whether glazed loggia or balcony, nearly everyone can choose any kind of glass, in accordance with their wishes and financial possibilities. Suschetvuet several species Glazing: Glazing wooden ramamiAlyuminievoe ostekleniePVH osteklenieBezramnoe-glazing is no secret that the cheapest glass balconies, a glazing of balconies and loggias, the tree may, therefore, This service is still […]

Feb '20

Shrink Couplings

Installation instructions Coupling shrinkable grade Cmn-10 kV Prior to joining! Check that the kit you are going to use corresponds to the cross section of the cable (see Table 1). Check the label set and the label on the mounting instructions. It is not excluded that the components or working operations were improving since then, […]

Jan '20

Russian Banyas

There are two types of Russian banya, sauna-and-white and smoke sauna. I will tell you about them. Russian smoke sauna – an old Russian bath, which our ancestors many, many years, and now this kind of Russian bath yet preserved in the northern Russian village and even build new ones. Russian smoke sauna is a […]

Dec '19

Clinker Technologies

The word 'brick' is a foreign term, and translated from German means a very solid brick, which is produced from a mixture of special clays by firing to a high degree of sintering. With its unique combination of strength properties, it is used in vykladyvanii roads, building floors in industrial buildings, etc., that is there, […]

Dec '19

Quality Repair

Would you like to update the situation and make cosmetic repairs to housing? You may need more drastic intervention: redevelopment, a comprehensive overhaul with replacement of plumbing and wiring? Must to repair the apartment in an old house or on the contrary, interested in renovation of apartments in new buildings to make a new home […]

Dec '19

Aidol Hartwachs

Consumption: approx. 2 x60 80 ml / m It has the following fasovok 10 and 20 liters. To care for the surface of the product is suitable Aidol Hartwachs-Polisch. New Product: PUR TL-222-Treppenlack This product is a completely new product! What's so special about this product? According to the directive Deco-Paint polyurethane coatings based on […]

Aug '19

Winter Garden

Winter garden with water – a fantastic landscaping, which can create professional designers. Noisy stream or fountain, a lake or a waterfall, stream or water surface and beautiful landscaping – can arrange a winter garden as you wish, ring space allows such a wonderful landscaping. Because the water recovers, adjusts to a different way, the […]