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Dec '13


He just blindly converted into action. Instead of talking about that oppresses them and their conflicts, children are once again portray the way they were treated the important people in my childhood. Unconscious reaction of the teacher on such behavior students due to using a third notion of countertransference. Countertransference – is more or less conscious response to the teacher on student behavior. I want to illustrate the concept of countertransference, transference and understanding of the stage, and therefore again back to Peter and tell you about the 4 scene. With these episodes it becomes clear what are the problems Peter. 1) Peter's mother comes up to me in the corridor and asked whether I was pleased with the successes of Peter.

I tell her that Peter has recently always forgets to do homework on the German language or does not at all the jobs that I asked. Now Peter comes running to us. Although both the mother and the child's native language is German, his mother turns to him in French and between them is developing a long dispute. In this case, the mother comes to her son so close that it almost completely turned his back on me and I stay away from both. I draw attention to the fact that I do not understand French, and his mother takes me only a few key sentences. For example, Peter does not remember that he ever forgot to do your homework! "I continue to talk with both in German and they are among themselves – in French. At the same time intonations of the mother when she spoke in French, very haughty and arrogant.

The events have helped me better understand what is going on with Peter. 2) Since then, I drew attention to the problem of Peter with the class, and especially with Hanes, I increasingly began to notice that all the time he does not do what was required of him and when we discuss his behavior at the class meetings, children are also noted. For example, we had a great meeting and we were a bit delayed, after I asked his disciples: "go to the gym quietly, so that we do not interfere with conduct lessons in other classes, and please go straight to the sports class." Children in a hurry, and some say to those who still babbles tcc to they finally subsided. And suddenly, Peter runs out and makes a huge circle around us, while he screams "Exy!", And then he gets up to par with their classmates. All this time he watched me. 3) When I told Peter's mother about this situation, to show how her son was to blame for their own problems with the class, she interrupts me and says: "Peter and the community should be run, he's special and general, we are special!". Full text

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