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Mar '22

The Toy Business

According to analysts, the Russian children will play with more than $ 400 million this year – is a potential capacity of the Russian toy market. Today the toy market and its development is determined by two important factors – the rapid development of electronics and changing demographics. Russia improves vital statistics seriously helps companies […]

Feb '22

English Representative

For example, a representative office can not by itself provide banking services, it can only enter into contracts. The main difference from the branch offices: branch just not only can but should implement all (or some portion) of the main entity, and also performs and functions of representation (although sometimes in the same city can […]

Feb '22

Public Relations

If, God forbid, “sliding” the order was the largest in the history of the firm (or one of the largest), the “businessman” is building the structure of the firm under maintenance of such orders. Department of Marketing and pr Department is not, and why? Main grandmother came from orders shipped bribery. Find out detailed opinions […]

Sep '20


American parents tell their children: 'Smile! Looks fun, when you find yourself in public! " Thus, these children are gradually becoming 'smiling machines'. In American culture, with childhood instilled not only a sense of joie de vivre, but the constant pursuit of happiness. Even the Declaration of Independence proclaims the pursuit of happiness an inalienable […]

Aug '19

Management Barriers

Use coaching in their work allows almost any manager greatly enhance their effectiveness. At the same time learn the skills of coaching is pretty easy. It requires only receive appropriate training. Of course, but it requires a desire to use coaching in practice – otherwise it will remain a theory. Coaching – is, above all, […]

Nov '13

Profits Companies

That year in a row talking about Ipo. Let's look at what it is. Ipo (from the English language ah-pee-on Initial Public Offering) means the mass withdrawal of domestic companies on stock exchanges. Or another statement, ipo – the first public sale of shares company includes the form of depositary receipts for sales promotion. If […]