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May '12


1. Mound of Venus. 2.Holm Mars, 3. Hill of the Moon. 4. Holm Jupiter. 5. Hill Saturn.

6. Hill of the Sun. 7. Holm Mercury. 8. Holm Chiron. 9. Holm Pluto.

I1. Valley of Neptune, 12. Plain Proserpine. White Moon (Selene) and Black Moon (Lilith) in astrology are not planets stewards of any zodiac signs. In White Moon (Selene) and Black Moon (Lilith) have no projections on the hills of a palm. The same applies to the lunar nodes. Compliance with Zodiac Signs and the hills of a palm. Mound of Venus – Taurus. Hill of Mars – Aries. Holm Jupiter – Sagittarius. Hill Saturn – Capricorn. Hill of the Sun – Lev. Holm Mercury – Gemini. Holm Chiron – Libra. Holm Pluto – Scorpio. Hill of the Moon – Cancer. Holm Uranus – Aquarius. Valley of Neptune – Pisces. Plain Proserpine – Virgo. First home. Corresponds to the palms life line and the adjacent area (inside and outside the line of Life), which is associated with the branches (up – success) and down (failure) ot_ life line. Life Line – the main line on your palm. According to her, as well as on first house natal chart (and ascendant) is determined by the entire human life in general. Life line, as i.pervy house horoscope should be divided into 3 thirds. Three major periods in human life. Thirds are not equal in length (As in the first house of the horoscope). The first third of the – – the biggest. The second third shorter than the first. The last third – is the shortest. This is due to the subjective and the objective (in karmic terms) a sense of the passage of time in human life. Childhood and youth are drawn slowly. At maturity, the time goes faster. In old age, time flies. The older the person, the more accelerated his (personal) life time.

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