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Oct '21


What they are subdomnios? A subdomnio is the part of the address of a site before the domain name. Subdomnios also is known as the canonic domnios of third level or names. A subdomnio, in contrast to a domain name, is not registered in any place, because it is associated with a domain name only. […]

Jan '20

Combat Arms

All these are examples where the player goes acquiring as has a contact with determined sort of game, but aspect where all have in common is the possibility to learn a new language, in the case the English, who had to the great desenvolvedoras to focarem its games in the American market. We can notice […]

Oct '19

Tormes Qualities

My enthusiasm, which you may check on the pages that follow, is not now, but almost from the first day on which I stepped this earth. When I got to her free of prejudice, hardly knew anyone. Perhaps, the only person who was able to introduce me to the arcana of Valencian collective soul was […]

Oct '19

Government Clients

The budget of the Government destined to subsidize to the purchase of vehicles by means of the Plan 2000E is being run out. At the moment but of 80% of this budget or the number of sales has been consumed, and or it jeopardize and agreed with the clients on the part of the marks, […]

Jan '15

Service Management

The quality manuals prescribe some methodologies to find the cause root of problems. But it will be that it can have an event without external cause? The reply it is not. All event has a cause. This is the base of the declared scientific thought and that is as a principle, a truth helps to […]

Aug '13

Internet Being

That is, it is through the contact and the quea exchange of information memory is perpetuated, without necessarily, the use of any artifciomaterial. Writings in rock, written, ouarquivos documents digital, make possible the existence of the artificial memory, based other people’s emartefatos to the mind human being and that they allow to the drawn out […]