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Archive for November, 2021

Nov '21

Cytoplasmic Male Sterility

One of the most striking examples of cytoplasmic heredity can be regarded as cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) which has been found in many plants – corn, onions, beets, flax. Consider the example of cms maize. Corn – a monoecious plant, the female flowers which are collected in the ear, and male – in a whisk. […]

Nov '21

Home Heating

Wood stoves constant heating of sheet steel. Reinforced metal furnace-heaters are very diverse and include the use of parts of industrial production. They quickly raises the temperature of that can proceed to bath procedures as early as 30 minutes after the firing. No danger of carbon monoxide poisoning because the furnace closed on all sides […]

Nov '21

Executive Project

The present analysis, mentions the study to it carried through in middle of year 2002, having as white area, the dunes of entorno of the Lagoon of the Portinho. Such study if it made necessary, face to the advance to dunar observed in recent years, not only modifying the feies of the adjacent hdrico body, […]

Nov '21

ESC Systems

"Intelligent transport", telematics or ITS. All of these concepts mean little thing same: the use of information systems for automatic control of vehicles. In road safety by this means a safer transport environment, safe vehicles and effective traffic control. In late 2009, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland Harri Pursiainen, prepared a proposal […]

Nov '21


On numerous occasions, when we have already taken a decision on which web hosting provider we want, we are at the crossroads of other better opportunities that we had not considered. The worst occurs when we have already paid the first year of service with a company that is below the best options, and is […]

Nov '21


Many of our countrymen are dreaming about the hot and exotic countries that are able to offer everyone something unusual and different. The hottest continent on the planet – Africa, where it is not there to find the real heat, hot sun, which is often simply mercilessly scorches vast areas. Africa is full of contrasts, […]