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Sep '22

Becks Plasticine

One of Europe’s largest manufacturers of plasticine, clay play, placing – and nail Games opens his Web shop for end customers. Gomaringen 27.08.2013 – Beck’s plasticine is one of Europe’s largest producers of Playdough. The integrative operation offers about 30 hard-to-place and severely disabled people work and a professional perspective; with success. Founded in 1968, […]

Feb '22

Home Reconstruction

Although almost half of 40prozent of damage in Haiti affects homes, so far only 6percent of international funds and 14prozent of means of the US Government are intended for construction and repair of houses Cologne, August 04, 2010 – although almost 40% of all damage in Haiti affects homes, only 6% of international funds and […]

Jul '20

Managing Director

The infuniq System GmbH as one of the sponsors of the event to thank factory II and all participants. “Eat, the 14th October 2011 – GmbH says infuniq system: priint 4 work II: day 2011 – a complete success!” The infuniq System GmbH as one of the sponsors of the event to thank factory II […]

Jun '20

Bolivian IT GmbH

Successful completion of the second phase of training the community4you GmbH performs a comprehensive qualification measure for the Bolivian IT talent in the area of Java programming. Aim of the project is to promote the education and training of Bolivian IT specialists in the form of blended learning courses. “This puts the community4you GmbH your […]

Feb '20

Agency Quiz

APSEC single licenses is giving away who well knows surrounding’s topic encryption of files and folders, which can win something. Wasted on the encryption Portal data verschluesselung.de the applied security GmbH (apsec) a single-user version of its professional software to all participants who correctly answer their quiz questions. Stockstadt, September 24, 2010 – attentive readers […]

Feb '20

Software GmbH

The onOffice Software GmbH is still looking for motivated and qualified employees. In this year alone, 10 positions were filled successfully. Currently searches onOffice employees in the areas of sales, Web design and software development to support the currently 50 employees and to be able to realize customer requirements faster. The expert of online-based real […]

Oct '19

Community4you Supports Successful Bolivian IT Qualification

Successful completion of the third phase of training in early November led community4you GmbH in La Paz (Bolivia) the third phase of the presence of the training action in the field of Java programming for Bolivian IT talents. “”Here were the modules of WebServices and service oriented architecture “completed successfully. The education project aims to […]

Sep '19

Steps By Stamp Largely Optimize

Without online stamp is just not! We live in modern times, and these offer the advantage that you can accelerate many steps by computer and various technical tools, optimize company and perform completion. Because just a loss of time is something that you can no longer afford in this day and age. It is claimed […]

Jun '19

Casa Reha

Sylvia Buchner studied the social management/home management training”at the so Academy Heidelberg. More info: Secretary of Agriculture. She’s trained nurse, quality consultant, TQM auditor and head of care services. She joined care quality management. She worked several years as a nursing Manager, then was head of home in a retirement home in Wiesbaden. The nursing […]

Jul '15

Same Day Cash Loans Ideal Way

Same day cash loans are fast and unsecured in nature as no collateral is needed for approval. This loans act as the best source for salaried people who finding tough to take care of unexpected expenses. The term “loans” is quite familiar among the people across the world. Earlier, the people had limited option but […]