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Nov '12

The Universal

The division of Weber (2002) enters the action man (politician) and the scientist must be clear: a researcher must explicitar where moment says ceases it of the researcher and says initiates it of the will man. ' ' The universal validity of science demands that the scientist does not contaminate it (the inquiry) with its aesthetic preferences or polticas.' ' (Aron, 2002, P. 467) What it characterizes a social political problem is that cannot be decided by consideraes techniques, therefore is part of general questions of the culture, involving diverse vises of world (what it makes it difficult that if arrives at a consensus). The value judgments that determine our action are perceived by objective valid us as and therefore, each individual desires to make to be valid its way to see the world. The phenomenon character is not intrinsic to the object, it depends on our interest and it is defined in compliance with the meaning cultural that we attribute. A scientific problem is a problem because it interests in them and in them is excellent to know.

' ' The mere recognition of the existence of a scientific problem is in narrow union ' ' pessoal' ' with the respective one and individualized assets will humana.' ' (Weber, Max, 1992, P. 116) ' ' The scientific action is, therefore a combination of the rational action in relation to an objective and of the rational action in relation to one valor.' ' (Aron, 2002, P. 466) social sciences have as objective to organize in the thought the chaos of the society. But it cannot enclose it as a whole: what it is general it also finishes for being indeterminate. He has infinite object possibilities and causes and, therefore, the scientist must limit the reality that she intends to study. In social sciences, the more general it is the law, less valuable and emptier of content it is.

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