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Archive for September, 2015

Sep '15

Developing A Conceptual Design

At the first stage of developing a conceptual design (VC), the second – a working draft (RP). Sketch project called the graphic design of the main idea of the object and prororabotku general conceptual solutions. In the preliminary design includes: a stylistic and volume-spatial solutions building facade designs, scheme construction of the roof, floor plans […]

Sep '15

Malecon De Nagua

Malecon de Nagua training at an initial cost of 1,500 million pesos for Costa Verde RD The construction of the quay of Nagua not backslide, and in fact is not paralyzed and leaders have been calling activists and residents of the municipality of Maria Trinidad Province Sanchez. The information was made known a government source […]

Sep '15

Popularity Contest

Having two young children forces a view of the world once forgotten. As we get older..we overthink things…analyze..make things more complicated than they need to be. Our minds race…are we forgetting something that could increase our chances of success’ Let’s dumb it down. As a child, being lined up the very first time in gym […]

Sep '15

Magic Fire

In the text of Rockets of kings, as well as in several other texts of the band, the thematic ones turn around these facts: the Brazilian sociocultural reality. The PCNs asks for that to the subject ‘ ‘ plurality cultural’ ‘ either treated and argued in classroom. the use of the Twine Literature is a […]