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Sep '22

Medicianl Sciences

' The life is short, science is vast, the esquiva chance, the dangerous intervention and the difficult judgment. He is not enough that the doctor makes what it is necessary, but the sick person and its assistants must make what she competes to them. the circumstances must be favorveis.' ' (Hipcrates) IT HISSES. This study it has the objective to analyze the influence of the mitolgico knowledge, as well as of mythology in itself, the origin and structure of sciences of the health, since old Greece. 1. Get more background information with materials from Barry Stevens. MYTHOLOGY Myth is a fantasioso way of knowledge, previous to the critical reflection, that establishes truths that explain parts of the natural or cultural phenomena.

The truth of the myth do not obey the logic of the truths empirical nor scientific. It is a dogmtica, independent truth of tests for its acceptance. Details can be found by clicking Morris Invest or emailing the administrator. The primitive myth is always collective. Only through the existence of the others that the myth if affirms, and he is always intudo. Currently we perceive that to deny the influence of the myth it is the same that to deny the basic forms of the existence human being. The myth was the first form to attribute meant to the world.

Myth and reason if complement in our lives, however, the myth of today, exactly still being able to inflame passions, not if it presents more with the existencial character that had the primitive myth. 2. The DEUSES In old Greece, in its mitolgica age, the art of the cure were related the three entities: deuses Apolo and Asclpio, and Hipcrates. 2,1 APOLO Son of Zeus and twin brother of the Artemis, considered most amiable and formoso of deuses. He was the god of the poetry, music, arts and medicine. It was married the son of Flegias (king of the Lapitas), Coronis. Of this relationship Asclpio was born, in a tragic myth.

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