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Dec '21

Cloisonne Enamel And Stained Glass

Cloisonne enamel – perhaps the most labor-intensive and complicated of all enamel techniques. For even more opinions, read materials from Sean Rad. To create a thin metal plate-based copper, gold, less silver, nickel silver or stainless steel scratched, engrave, or pierce through contour sketch of the future image. Next on the circuit soldered metal strips, […]

Sep '15

Developing A Conceptual Design

At the first stage of developing a conceptual design (VC), the second – a working draft (RP). Sketch project called the graphic design of the main idea of the object and prororabotku general conceptual solutions. In the preliminary design includes: a stylistic and volume-spatial solutions building facade designs, scheme construction of the roof, floor plans […]

Mar '15

Designs From Natural Stone

Stone – how many stories it holds in itself, the stone was indeed worthy of the test of time and evolution. Natural natural stones in ancient times attracted the attention of primitive man, even then people were drawn to this natural gift, made of his gun, tried to make some product. Later, people learned how […]

Dec '13

World Stained Glass

But it is worth noting that the original interior elements have always been in the price of true connoisseurs of luxury interiors. The normal working hours with dial and arrows have become irrelevant. Much better and more beautiful look unusual wall clock – with a logo, backlit or mirror, and many others. They represent not […]

Apr '13

Manufacturer Of Wooden Windows

The whole cycle of production of wooden windows with modern German wood processing equipment with computer control. Drying. Before we begin production of wooden windows, received on production of wood drying is mandatory. Drying helps to minimize internal stresses and to eliminate cracking of wood during processing. Drying process controls the computer; on a given […]