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May '16

Transactions In The Nuances Of The World Of Tanks

World of Tanks (world of tanks") – is a massively multiplayer online game, totally dedicated to the armored vehicles the middle of the XX century. Players will be able to fight shoulder to shoulder with fans of steel giants from all over the world, defending their claims to world domination tank. The project started on […]

May '16

Building Construction

18. Buildings must be protected from non-uniform deformation bases by protecting them from moisture and freezing temperatures to ensure serviceable condition and sedimentary joints, systematic monitoring of the draft of the grounds and the corresponding strengthening and, where necessary. 19. Installation, dismantling and repair process equipment and engineering services necessary to produce, ensuring the safety […]

Mar '16

New Experience

As it traveled this summer to his beloved uncle Igor in Tyumen, and accidentally fell into a time when he and Uncle Oleg began construction of his new cottage. For me, it certainly was new, but one day I spent at a party learned a lot about building houses only true at the initial level. […]