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Mar '16

New Experience

As it traveled this summer to his beloved uncle Igor in Tyumen, and accidentally fell into a time when he and Uncle Oleg began construction of his new cottage. For me, it certainly was new, but one day I spent at a party learned a lot about building houses only true at the initial level. I realized that the main building should be sure to thoroughly proplanirovanno and have a formal drawing or project. Since Uncle Igor was evident he could not do without the drawings which he himself had nakumekal. Cottage, he decided to build a wooden, two storey with a basement floor. Compared with the existing house – it certainly should have been awarded just a whopper. My uncle told me that previously he counted the cost of a cottage with his own hands and order options for the cottage under the key was that to build a cottage with his own hands 3 times cheaper! Well, for obvious reasons decided to start building the house himself. I want to talk about the initial construction of the cottage and, more specifically about building a wooden house on the foundation of the combined quality, that is, when the square cap (Ground floor) will be less than the built-up area of the house.

Part of the cottage, which will play for the size of the cap will be mounted on a solid foundation svaynorostverkovom, which should be executed in parallel with the base. After creating the seal of the pit as well as cleaning the bottom, should perform a thorough work poukladke waterproof mat, which consists of a rolled material (he steklogidroizol), carpet exactly roll out with an overlap of all seams. The second layer of carpet to lay perpendicular to the first layer. Then of course I have to tell you nothing I can polskou was staying with his uncle one day only. If you know what's new – necessarily tell you.

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