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May '16

Building Construction

18. Buildings must be protected from non-uniform deformation bases by protecting them from moisture and freezing temperatures to ensure serviceable condition and sedimentary joints, systematic monitoring of the draft of the grounds and the corresponding strengthening and, where necessary. 19. Installation, dismantling and repair process equipment and engineering services necessary to produce, ensuring the safety of building structures. Chapter 3: TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS OF USE AND CONSTRUCTION BUILDINGS 20. In the operation should not prevent the project design loads and other effects related to: process Housed in a production operation equipment and machinery, the operation placed in building engineering systems, the implementation of construction and other works connected with repair, modernization and reconstruction of buildings and equipment; climatic conditions.

21. Handling, transporting and unloading of goods within the premises must be carried out in such a way that does not violate the integrity and appearance of structures and not exceeded the allowable stress design documentation for individual areas of design. 22. Building structures and grounds of buildings should be protected from exposure to corrosive liquids and gases used in manufacturing process and in engineering systems. Building designs must have corrosion protection, consistent with the requirements of the project, regulatory and technical documentation. 23.

Building Construction should be protected from them liquid metal contact with hot parts, not in the project design and thermal effects of radiant energy. 24. Building Construction and grounds of buildings should be protected from the effects of precipitation, groundwater and other impacts of natural climatic. 25. Temporarily concentrated loads should be placed only in those areas structures, which are specially provided for this purpose.

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