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Jan '20

Russian Banyas

There are two types of Russian banya, sauna-and-white and smoke sauna. I will tell you about them. Russian smoke sauna – an old Russian bath, which our ancestors many, many years, and now this kind of Russian bath yet preserved in the northern Russian village and even build new ones. Russian smoke sauna is a log cabin, which combines steam room and a washer. Heating bath by the fire, which burns in the stove, usually raspolezhennoy middle of the room under a pile of stones.

In the Russian bath in the smoke pipe there, and the smoke from the furnace, passing through the stones, which accumulate heat, walking around the sauna, warming the walls and ceiling, and then goes through holes in the ceiling and walls. Isteny ceiling in the Russian bath in black always black with soot, hence the name of this variant of the Russian bath – Russian bath in the smoke. For the appearance of a pair of bath sprinkled on hot stones a couple of bucket of water. No need to fear the smoke in a pair of Russian bath in the black, smoked Smoke from which the steam goes to the ceiling along the walls without coming down to the shop and they stay clean. But if you are in doubt about the purity of vseravno shelves in a steam bath Russian bath in the smoke, you can wash them with water. And if you burn only wood of birch or aspen, it is formed during combustion is very little soot. About soot can say that it is dizinfitsiruyuschim tool because it kills all harmful odors in the Russian bath.

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