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Dec '21

Chinese Lawn

The most commonly used up to six different varieties of herbs. Fits Kentucky bluegrass, wood or oblate, cocksfoot, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue red and sheep, beskornevischny wheatgrass, wheatgrass pectiniform, desert and Siberia. Perhaps adding a small amount of clover. Choosing plants for a mixture of an individual. It all depends on the climatic conditions of […]

Aug '19

Winter Garden

Winter garden with water – a fantastic landscaping, which can create professional designers. Noisy stream or fountain, a lake or a waterfall, stream or water surface and beautiful landscaping – can arrange a winter garden as you wish, ring space allows such a wonderful landscaping. Because the water recovers, adjusts to a different way, the […]

Feb '19

Layout Of Your Kitchen

What, where, when and how to keep your kitchen – it's up to yourself. However, there are some laws that kitchen space is organized well, and then the distance traveled by the day you become minimal food – fresh, utensils – are always at hand, and lapsed constant search of sweet pepper will not cause […]