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Sep '22

Argn Oil for Hair

The oil of argn for the hair is used straight, wave, curling, or in greasy hair, normal or dry, this oil is very noble and has multiple functions in your hair, from easily disentangling it to giving brightness, vitality him and beauty, thus is used every time most frequently and counts on a number of […]

Jan '22

IPad – The Healthinsider!

Offers here a new playing field for investors? The upbeat mood is palpable. The iPad changes the health like no other industry. It shows up clearly in the pioneering clinics that have already flown the device prior to the official arrival in Germany from the United States and already carried out the first real app […]

Mar '20

Preventive Oncology

The immune system is constantly opposed the formation and dispersion of cell mutants, but macrophages can neutralize only 1-2 infected cells and when cells are mutants multiply and hearth is visible eye, the immune system is powerless. Therefore, the challenge of modern medicine is the destruction of tumor foci demonstrations papillomavirus with simultaneous immunostimulation. The […]

Oct '19

Bach Flower Remedies In Discouragement And Despair

Ute Rosenberg Knau is the only healer in Hamburg and Northern Germany also the Dr Edward Bach certified Bach flower therapist and trainer-Foundation. OAK Quercus robur (oak) keywords uberstarkes sense of duty; fight despite exhaustion next group of despondency or despair OAK is suitable for people who exaggerate and disregard their natural limits. These people […]

Sep '19


Alcohol causes physical and mental damage in unborn risk alcohol consumption in pregnancy, the figures are alarming: in Germany approximately 10,000 newborns come alone per year to the world that exhibit damage, birth defects, or developmental disorders as a result of alcohol use by the mother during pregnancy. Thus, the most physical and mental injuries […]

Sep '19

Bruce Rappaport Institute

When chemically modified magnetic particles are brought into contact with samples of cancerous cells, telomerase affects the magnetic particles of bioprocesses as well as cancer cells. This increase in magnetic particles of nucleic acids, called telomeres. In this case, however, the base of chemically modified nucleotides incorporated into telomeres. A related site: Jill Schlesinger mentions […]

Jun '19

Umbilical Hernia

Umbilical hernia – a defect of the anterior abdominal wall caused by weakness of the umbilical ring. Umbilical hernia appears as a consequence are not closing the umbilical hole transverse fascia and is often found in infants. Umbilical hernia may occur as a result of a strong cough, constipation, prolonged crying. Externally hernia appears round […]

Jun '19

Healthy Young Man

Realities of our world are filled with many challenges. Day after day as they float on all sides by gutting our hopes for a bright future developments, in our positive and general health, mental and physiological. I called this article – Healthy young man in a civilization of centuries of stress. Is this possible? Stay […]

Jun '19


Premature ejaculation is a problem for many men to have as a grown man in a relationship, then there are of course many different factors that play an important role, which is quite out of the question. Also the sexual area is then quite important, simply because this for couples with one and it is […]

Jan '15

Functional Therapy

The dental practice of About the impact of Masticatory system that is out of whack and the functional analysis that detects these errors, informs the dentist Brigitte Huebert from Minden. Complaints caused by malfunctions errors of the Masticatory organ are not uncommon and may cause numerous complaints. Pain in the TMJ, headaches, neck and back […]