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Archive for January, 2010

Jan '10

History of water

History of water management and recent developments Mexico has a long and well established tradition of water management that began in the 30s when the country began to make major investments in water storage facilities and the development of expand groundwater for irrigation and water supply to a rapidly growing population. The Land Code of […]

Jan '10

Biography Descended

Biography Descended from a family of wealthy landowners, presidents of the employer of large landowners, the Sociedad Rural Argentina and owners of 2,500,000 hectares of land in Patagonia donated by Julio Argentino Roca after the Conquest of the Desert Martinez de Hoz was launched in the civil service as finance minister of the province of […]

Jan '10


Analysis of general environment The company we intend to conduct takes place on a political, social and economic determined. POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT: Our legal society will not sponsored by any political party and we will agree if any provision by employees of a union. It acala that we will be a communique autonomous, as the project […]

Jan '10

It was news

On Monday began the capital whose preferential subscription period will end on 12/12/09 in the proportion of 1 new share for every 5 old. Also, the theoretical value of the right (price on Friday 27-11) amount to 1.2 euros / acc, while the rights quoted until 11-12-09.Our vision for the company remains positive based on: […]