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Oct '19

Information That Can Generate Limiting Beliefs

Today we are bombarded monumental quantities of information, the question that we must ask ourselves what information is really useful for us? Here we must reflect in detail and delete everything that instead of benefiting rather affect us. A lot of people think that observe anything has no greater importance in his life, but that […]

Jan '19

All The Tools For Change Are Inside

Thinking that each of the situations that we have now and we have lived is product of ourselves may be an assertion difficult to accept for some people, some people will say, well and I that I had to see me fired, was doing my job well, it is not my fault that the economy […]

Oct '13

Integral Programming

20 Anniversary of programming Integral programming Integral in 2011 commemorates twenty years providing global solutions to the computerization of companies and freelancers. They have been two decades filled with exciting moments, amazing changes, spectacular developments in which thousands of entrepreneurs have relied on the Integral programming project, checking how it ceased to be a problem […]

Sep '13

Steve Alpizar

Harmony is achieved on the basis of a balance, this can be applied to all activities occurring as humans develop, for the achievement of goals exactly the same, it is necessary to integrate many elements to ideas functions that can take strength and can finally materialise. It is important to be sure the goal we […]

Aug '13

The Rest

Although some of the techniques of training, could seem only applicable to younger men, this is not the case. There are many women and elderly people who do not have a strong and slim figure, as a result they think they are too major and possibly would be damaged. It is also very important before […]