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Sep '22

Positive Thinking Optimism

Easier targets with AffOrmationen the glass is half empty or half full, it is. Only a small change of perspective, can be in the daily life of great importance. Indeed, negative thoughts can encourage the failure. So it is not surprising that healthy, happy and successful people are invariably optimists. A leading source for info: […]

Jan '22

Education System

Together with the Netviewer AG Seminarboerse.de one of the largest education portals of in Germany, seminar providers (teachers), now offers the possibility to test online training free. Time – and location-independent learning and teaching methods are becoming increasingly important in the future. Therefore vendors who have currently only presence seminars in the program, should consider […]

Oct '20

Thomas Geiling Wohrdstrasse

Just for contact centers, where staff answer technical questions here particularly rapid access to new developments, arise the almato GmbH recommends the integration and permanent implementation of quality monitoring and coaching, there. Occasionally, training not sufficient to keep employees informed. Coaching is the best way to successfully lead staff and to assist in their development. […]

Jun '20

Community Colleges

Community colleges offer a smarter way of the United States studies a profound study, without losing the own home leave to: so-called community colleges offer this in the United States “.” Her name stems from the fact that the students come mainly from the local environment and they do the internships which are incurred while […]

May '20

Chamber Sales

After the one-week compact course can sales professional (IHK) certify participants as ‘Sales professional (IHK)’ “offers a new certificate course, supported by the economic consulting firm Schmitt and partner, Wurzburg, the IHK Wurzburg is said.” In the five-day compact seminar, the knowledge and skill is mediated sellers in indoor and field that you need for […]

Apr '20

Managing Director

Training trends 2013: More and more and faster Wettenberg, 15 January 2013 – recent polls show: recruiters increasingly use online training opportunities. Stefan Urke, Managing Director of the Institute of continuing education forward academy, is in the interview his estimates of the trend-setting trends for the coming years. Learn today and 20 years ago what […]

Apr '20

Successful Interviewing

Evening workshop/seminar: The sales pitch is a special challenge to the seller or the sales staff in the field and his social and communication skills. A special role is the negotiation within the acquisition and negotiation talk. It applies to the seller, to listen to respond individually to the customer to convince them, and to […]

Feb '20

The Duden Software

Errors are not only marked, but the program can display the relevant spelling and grammar rules if necessary. In the profession, it is also important to use a writing style that is appropriate to the situation. The invitation to a group-wide project group meeting is to write an invitation to an informal business lunch in […]

Feb '20

French Courses

linguistic training as career kick in school is blued up us how important is a good language training. Especially English and French were put us at an early age to the heart. In recent years are increasingly Eastern languages taught in schools, but also offered special courses, and rightly, because in the Eastern States is […]

Nov '19


Meeting in the HDT on 22-23 May, 2012 for all who work at her job or future tasks involving hazardous substances. Almost every German company operates with hazardous substances. The resulting risks to safety, health, fire and environment, representing an often underrated, but existentially important part of your company. Most of the nearly 100,000 reported […]