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Sep '21

The Land

Hunter? How legal! I that I live permanently with this tail of horse, since I do not have money to buy one shampoo and to wash my hair blond. Mrs. already was born with this for the pretty one. For even more analysis, hear from The Cross at Kenilworth. Agouti? Good! I feel very. Mrs. […]

Sep '19

Porto Velho

The local relief is visibly plain and of low susceptibilidade to the sped up erosion, to the excesso of a small rise where if it finds affixed a communications tower. The ground offers low permeability of pluvial waters, favoring its concentration, in form of small lakes and lagoons appropriate sazonais, creating still, conditions for the […]

Jun '19

Thas Alessandra Pfluck

The drawing technician in the textile manufacture Thas Alessandra Pfluck SUMMARY This study it deals with the importance of the drawing technician in the textile manufacture and as the use of a correct planning is essential since the conception of the idea in any project that if carries through to get a satisfactory result. Official […]

Jan '19


The length of the root of plntulas of maize, in paper germitest, the dark continuous presented average of 12.78. PALAVRAS-CHAVE Colors, germination, seeds, Zea mays. ABSTRACT meal The corn (Zea mays L.) is monocotyledonae part of Poaceae family, coming from America according you cientific researches. It has been growing since the daily pay colombian period, […]

Dec '13

Cad The Time And The Space

Immanuel Kant said: ' ' The time is the great lie of homens' '. that is proven fact, because in the lesser things who is the Human being determines its space and its time. For example: If it to travel of bus for one same place, goes to spend more time and more space of […]

Dec '13

Mental State

Historically, music appeared of the sonorous experiences of the primitive man from its body, that is, of its corporal expressions. In this way, it is possible to associate the elements of musics and its relations with the aspects psicomotores. Fregtman (1988) points and appraises three levels of expressividade; sonorous language – emotion (sounds, silence, tunes, […]

Apr '13

Environment Painting

SUMMARY Today, became well-known, the interest of all for the recovery, conservation and maintenance of the environment. Small, average and great companies, who want to be distinguished in the market where they act, have of some form, that if to involve in the maintenance and the recovery of the environment, as well as in the […]

Jun '12

Third Age

Perhaps only the presence of some ' ' tipos' ' of cited users and low the determined frequency of use in hourly that these assaults facilitate. In relation to the security against accidents, we observe the fact of the good conservation of the space and the adequate choice of materials. The only item that really […]