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Jun '19

Healthy Young Man

Realities of our world are filled with many challenges. Day after day as they float on all sides by gutting our hopes for a bright future developments, in our positive and general health, mental and physiological. I called this article – Healthy young man in a civilization of centuries of stress. Is this possible? Stay young person at any age and do not let stress and trouble to destroy our health and our lives as a whole? Our daily life consists of expected and unexpected events – pleasant and unpleasant. When we control the situation and events – we respond positively and calmly. Accordingly, when the situation in every way breaks out of control, we begin react negatively, filled with a whole bunch of different emotions: excitement, anxiety, restlessness, that may eventually grow and have a devastating impact on both the psyche and the physiology. I understand stress, as a complex psycho-physiological reactions to various situations in life, he expressed most clearly in the critical and cases of force majeure, and in the process of adaptation to change.

Power the impact of stress depends on the severity of the events taking place: The stress of the death of a dear person will be much larger and heavier than the revocation of your favorite show on tv. Monitor your state. The sooner you find themselves in the nuclei of growing stress, the better for you. No matter how the vertical stress can not be eradicated. The solution in this case – to change their attitude to stress.

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