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Sep '22

Sports Studies

Anyone looking for a sports study finds from now on this major study portal all the information about the study. A sports studies, such as E.g. sports science or sports management Bachelor is in Germany for years high in the favour of the prospective. Professionally marketed sport wonder, but a lot of attraction exerts on […]

Jan '22

The Match

In this regard, seems the most rational strategy of individual rates (single bets) for each selected game. With an average ratio on a clear victory of one of the teams is equal to 1.85, you must win 60% of the bets that have a profit in a long game. How is this achieved? At that […]

Jan '22

The New Magazine About VfB Stuttgart

VFB1 offers the latest news about the VfB Stuttgart. VfB Stuttgart is one of the most traditional clubs in South Germany. With about 50,000 members, it belongs to the biggest clubs in the Federal Republic of Germany. Tiera Skovbye insists that this is the case. He was already founded in 1893, where they played Rugby […]

Oct '21

Online Spectacular Event

Probably will not find a man to the whole world, which does not hear about car racing. High speed emulation of the latest achievements in the field of motor sport, and certainly the same – especially healthy nerves racers and their teams. Competitions on race cars use huge demand worldwide. This is natural, because such […]

Sep '20

San Diego

“After the 2007 season, which was marked by sporting and personal setbacks for him – just think of the almost lost world title, the espionage affair, or the separation from his wife Lisa – Ron Dennis won a world title with his McLaren team again. Learn more about this with hybrid bikes. Yet with Lewis […]

Sep '20


It will not only ensure that the nutrients are introduced but also reliable for it to stay there! The hormone insulin is thus an anabolic”(based on). Glucagon, our friend, wants to mobilize the nutrients and releases fatty acids from adipose tissue, so that they can be burned in the muscle cell. The two are adversaries. […]

Jun '20

German French Community

Sport combines german French friendship on the sports portal WA? while politicians of both Nations the german Tamer? Russian friendship celebrate, one finds at 1-2-sports.com, the Community fu? r active recreational athletes, a friendly? ftemessen of sportingly active people on both sides and across the Rhine. German and franzo? Russian athletes challenge each other to […]

Nov '19

Improving Technique

This process will allow the muscles from different angles. In the initial position, your elbows should not be much "vylazit" behind his back. Returning arm to his chest, try to raise the elbows to the sides and not take them back, behind his back, or else run the risk of injury to the shoulder joint. […]

Jul '19

Pumping Large Biceps Requires

Big biceps is, of course, important. However, in my opinion, much of the biceps does not mean much if you did not care about "quality" of that muscle. To make your biceps impressed the others, you need to achieve the following three tasks: 1) deeply divided two beams biceps, inner and outer, and 2) make […]

May '19

Cap Bearing Axle Set

When disassembling a mechanism to replace the parts or lubrication of the bearings should be (after removing the cap 5) Remove the bolt (M8h1). Remove the crank from the axle should be using bolt Ml2. The above-mentioned backlash in the carriage, should be removed immediately, spinning bolt 4 (M8h1) to 28-30 Nm. Bearing Nut Nut […]