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Archive for June, 2012

Jun '12

Third Age

Perhaps only the presence of some ' ' tipos' ' of cited users and low the determined frequency of use in hourly that these assaults facilitate. In relation to the security against accidents, we observe the fact of the good conservation of the space and the adequate choice of materials. The only item that really […]

Jun '12

MST Land

When the peasants are taken off of the field, or better, these are desterritorializados look for half which can survive, thus the proper capital finishes generating a new relation, a new classroom of that if they reteritorializam and for this they provoke fights, provokes changes in the said territory normal. In this context, Fernanda & […]

Jun '12

Commercial Banks

It will happen positively on the aggregate demand. Instruments: Reduction of the obligatory collect: the Central banking diminishes the values that take in safekeeping of the commercial banks, making possible an increase of the multiplying effect, and the liquidity of the economy as a whole. Financial assistance of Liquidity: the Central banking, when loaning money […]