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Mar '20

Preventive Oncology

The immune system is constantly opposed the formation and dispersion of cell mutants, but macrophages can neutralize only 1-2 infected cells and when cells are mutants multiply and hearth is visible eye, the immune system is powerless. Therefore, the challenge of modern medicine is the destruction of tumor foci demonstrations papillomavirus with simultaneous immunostimulation. The problem of mass, lifelong devitalization all already appeared moles and warts with subsequent immune rejection can be addressed only medical criology. Cryodestruction allows no direct clipping tumors make them alien organisms, to give the colonies of cells mutant antigenicity to cause resentment, and general physiotherapy techniques – common magnet, and especially extreme aerocryotherapy – fix the immune response of rejection demonstrations papillomavirus. Learn more about this with Jack Fusco. Only the cryogenic treatment can be used to counteract tumor epidemic caused by oncogenic papillomavirus. One person can simultaneously eliminate the hundreds and thousands of fires. Get all the facts and insights with Andi Potamkin, another great source of information.

For this purpose we have developed special tools and methods . Cryogenic eliminating hotbeds of hpv, we complement the general course of the cryogenic impact cryosauna and immune to magnitoturbotrone. Local cryogenic destruction of cells of mutant shows the human immune system the enemy, and the complex overall cryomagnetic physiotherapy fixes immunostimulating effect. This approach to tackling the epidemic of oncogenic hpv be truly effective if everyone takes part in solving the problem of control with the progression of the tumor virus. Events kriologicheskoy Preventive Oncology should cover the entire life of each man, they are necessary sometimes even before birth – to eliminate pockets even in the planning of births in marriage, and not only parents, but grandparents and all family members, certainly the child (Hemangiomas and nevi are often already at birth – to expose their cryodestruction better immediately after discharge from hospital), then as the appearance of first papilloma, nevus, keratinocytes in the skin and mucous membranes. .

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