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Archive for October, 2013

Oct '13

Siamese Valley

All this is accompanied by folk festivities, where people jump over the fire, walk on coals or even arrange a symbolic battle between men and women. Also popular competitions in archery and zapuskaniya kites. Moreover, all sprinkled with each other colored powder and pour paint. Universities in the day, students can totally fearless, "paint" their […]

Oct '13

Integral Programming

20 Anniversary of programming Integral programming Integral in 2011 commemorates twenty years providing global solutions to the computerization of companies and freelancers. They have been two decades filled with exciting moments, amazing changes, spectacular developments in which thousands of entrepreneurs have relied on the Integral programming project, checking how it ceased to be a problem […]

Oct '13

Business Units

Scotia Plaza, Scotiabank headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Scotiabank is divided into 4 divisions: Domestic Bank is the commercial divis n, offering services from savings accounts and loans. In which 970 branches, 2750 ATMs, and 3 operations centers (call centers) and services offered by telephone banking and online banking. Within it is the investment division […]

Oct '13

Management Of Markets

In this regard, one of the participants in the postgraduate diploma in quality management and productivity of the Area of graduate of the University of Carabobo, Johanna Aranguren of the subject of marketing under my charge, in open forum on this topic notes us, that Venezuelan management uses marketing to meet the needs of the […]

Oct '13

LED Images

Acer extends the S3 series with new S273HL LCD monitor, featuring avant-garde as an ultrafast response time technologies, a sensational contrast ratio (12,000. 000: 1), two HDMI ports and a large display of 69 cm (27 inches). Acer S273HL LCD monitor flaunts a depth of 21 mm that creates a minimalist, professional look. Integrates in […]

Oct '13

Manuel Barroso

Keep in mind that the alignment is not only a task of coupled processes, people, systems and technology with the vision and strategies of the Organization, but essentially, first and foremost, is a process of harmonizing, perceptions, feelings and beliefs. Alignment is the process of developing organizational congruence, worth say, create a balance between the […]

Oct '13

Inflatable Boats

When first-generation life rafts were produced during WW II, they were yellows as manufacturers thought that the yellow was the easiest color to spot in rescue missions. For decades, yellow was the color of choice for serious inflatable boats whether they are life rafts or not. However, research shows that orange is an even more […]