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Jan '15

Functional Therapy

The dental practice of About the impact of Masticatory system that is out of whack and the functional analysis that detects these errors, informs the dentist Brigitte Huebert from Minden.

Complaints caused by malfunctions errors of the Masticatory organ are not uncommon and may cause numerous complaints. Pain in the TMJ, headaches, neck and back pain, tension, tinnitus, or gnashing of teeth can be the result. The gnashing of teeth then evolved to compensate for the malfunction. The resultant forces can cause other problems. Functional analysis provides information to help determine what factors interfere with the functions and trigger the symptoms, a dentist applies the functional analysis. Here, the functions are checked by teeth, temporomandibular joints and muscle groups. The results of this functional analysis allow providing an individual concept to restore correct operation. Among other things, measures such as a bite splint is then be used. Due to the correction of the teeth can be most successfully reduce and even eliminate chronic pain. For detailed information about the functional therapy Brigitte Huebert from Minden dentist practice available at any time. Press contact dentist Brigitte Huebert contact: Brigitte Huebert tone trail 30 32429 Minden Tel: 0571 580155 fax: 0571 58274 email: Homepage:

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