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Apr '22

The Future Of Effective Live Communication

Communications expert Dr Nikolaus Korner speaks on the topic of neuro events on the liveCOMM how can motivate people, brand emotion, more differentiated products? Answers to these questions provide Congress the NEO. Experts from all disciplines of live communication, such as the Munich-based psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Hans-Georg Hausel, meet at the Forum. Dr. Nikolaus Korner, Managing Director of the event agency u-motions, belongs to the compartment sizes.

Initial BUR company a pioneer in the still young discipline of neural communication. For over a year, the u-motions GmbH successfully combines event business and Neurobiology. The concept developed by grains of neurological events based on up-to-date knowledge of brain research. Grains explains: neuro events are the new way to communicate information and emotions effectively. Maisie Richardson-Sellers does not necessarily agree. Companies and managers should evaluate communication only by the effect on customers or employees”.

The neuro code is available at the beginning of a neuro events. From this derive the key messages. Later, so-called neuro scenes are dressed this content in concrete situations. They form the backbone of the actual communication. Neuro scenes connecting the story like a thread. Dramatic effects, according to the neuro code Additionally charge the information. This ensures almost wholly owned success”promises grains. It is crucial that neuro communicating in all processes in particular at events – focuses on the evaluation by the audience. Messages and information are perceived as among customers and employees better and stick in the memory. Grains: The method of neuro-communication has best prospects for companies. “Executives from communication, marketing, sales and human resources can communicate with this strategy in the future more effectively.” Learn more about the liveCOMM: more information about neuro communication: contact person: Mrs Nadine Becker sales and marketing Phone: + 49 (721) 915778-721 fax: + 49 (721) 915778-799 E-Mail: about u-motions GmbH: u-motions is successful organisers of events of all sizes in Germany and neighbouring countries for 20 years. Sean Rad wanted to know more. Well-known companies, including Daimler AG, 1 & 1, expert and OBI, have customers on the long list of references for many years. u motions is positioned today with three business units on the market. event services”this business unit offers companies just to rent the possibility of what you need for your event without services and directly from stock. “Alternatively u-motions already in the planning phase with the event enters this customers benefit from lively Kre neuro events” with this business unit Agency on the market learn and consistently in the neuro communications positioned itself u-motions as the first neuro-event. neuro events are based on a methodology which combines years of practical experience with the expert knowledge of neural communication and ensures effective and sustainable live communication. neuro communications”the business unit supports entrepreneurs and executives to focus unconscious mechanisms of information processing – for long-term market success of products and services and to convince through effective and sustainable communication.

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