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Mar '22

Counseling Psychologist

Every day, nearly every one of us, there are mood swings or mild stress. 'Blame' in that you can work problems, stress or conflict in the family and friends. We often hide their problems, although they are very noticeable to others. And you did not think it's better to tell someone about their experiences? It's […]

Mar '22


A woman when she is protected, it has tremendous power. Converse is also true, a woman who is forced to defend herself, melts quickly, losing in front of beauty, health, mentally and physically exhausted. And if the young years, this is how it can work out something, you get older a woman is very difficult […]

Jun '20

Holiday Cottage

Despite the fact that summer is over, the desire of citizens to remove a cottage for the weekend and spend the weekend with pleasure does not become less, quite the contrary. What could be nicer than rent a cottage for the weekend in Moscow and outdoor recreation in a good company? Only outdoor recreation, with […]

Feb '15

Renting Rooms

In contrast of what much people think, to find a place to live in So Paulo it can be a task not so complicated thus. But, as everything in this metropolis, is necessary a good dose of patience. The really difficult part certainly says respect to the choice of a quarter to live. Better to […]

Jan '15


People exist that finds that the places most important of the house are the rooms, others has opinion contrary and thinks that place that more attention deserves is room, but, and how many they think about the kitchen as a space that it deserves to receive more time from form to transform this space into […]