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Sep '22

Corporate Events

Do you have a holiday, wedding, anniversary! So call us soon! We spend a holiday and you sing live! Photo-Video for you. Hall just decorate a class. So call us soon! We look forward to your visit! Ella and Max! Visit our website! We will provide for Your choice of the best, most creative, active […]

Feb '15

Renting Rooms

In contrast of what much people think, to find a place to live in So Paulo it can be a task not so complicated thus. But, as everything in this metropolis, is necessary a good dose of patience. The really difficult part certainly says respect to the choice of a quarter to live. Better to […]

Jan '15


People exist that finds that the places most important of the house are the rooms, others has opinion contrary and thinks that place that more attention deserves is room, but, and how many they think about the kitchen as a space that it deserves to receive more time from form to transform this space into […]