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Sep '22


Anyone in any moments of life is dealing with some problems. What is the problem? This is something with which someone can not understand how to cope. Scientology – a religion in which you gain knowledge. Thus, Scientology enables a person to gain knowledge on how to better cope with trudnostyamiili, in other words, how […]

Feb '22

Russian Federation

Human intervention is effective only on condition that the entity relates to things as to their property, ie as his when he can they possess, use and control, showing initiative in their business "5. Resolve this apparent contradiction between the recognition of land common property of mankind, bestowed upon him from above, and the foundation […]

Feb '22

Russia Lawyer

” Our courts have always enjoyed this article. Forfeit, as a rule, equal to the cost of the product. That is the reality. Compensation for moral damage in Russia, too, rarely exceeds a couple of thousand. Given that the cost of the player was originally a small, 1000 rubles – is not so bad for […]

Jun '19

Project Documentation

Currently, legislation governing urban development is one of the areas of domestic law which have not yet acquired definitive form and certainly subject to further development and improvement. The latest innovations in 2008 in this area have become normative acts regulating relations in the preparation of project documentation for capital construction projects, and namely: – […]