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Aug '13

Internet Being

That is, it is through the contact and the quea exchange of information memory is perpetuated, without necessarily, the use of any artifciomaterial. Writings in rock, written, ouarquivos documents digital, make possible the existence of the artificial memory, based other people’s emartefatos to the mind human being and that they allow to the drawn out maintenance efidedigna of the knowledge produced throughout history. Of the starting point of that the memory of each serhumano is constituted with the aid of other people’s memories, it is deduced that this will be, always, a collective memory (AQUINO, 2007). Of the point of view of that the collective memory composta for the individual memory of the people of a community and pelosartefatos gradual collected by this community, questions aprobabilidade of subutilizao of the memorial structure human being front proportionate sfacilidades for research tools and armazenamentoexistentes in the hipertextual environment of the Internet. These that, in turn, users lead ' ' convergentes' ' 1 to googlear 2 antesmesmo to think. The collective memory is a organic being, incontrolvele responsible for the evolution gotten during the centuries for the species human being. Amanuteno of the knowledge throughout the time allowed the sprouting of invenesinicialmente unimaginable.

Thus, it can-sedizer that the collective memory is basic for the perpetuation of the life and amanuteno of one constant evolutivo process. In accordance with Hunter (2007) ' ' with the daescrita advent, the facts could be registered in support, more not fitting memria human being the exclusive one function to hold back and to preserve information. Eternoretorno of the orality was substituted by the long perspectives of histria' '. Still in accordance with Hunter (2007): . the memory breaks up of the citizen or the taken community as umtodo, becoming objective, deceased, impersonal and separating to the knowledge personal or collective daidentidade. With the advent of the writing, knowing becomes-sedisponvel, storaged, consultvel, comparable, leaving of being only aquiloque it is useful in day-by-day being a susceptible object of analysis and examination.

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