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Sep '22

Waterfall Design Nails

Nail extensions – a technology that is becoming more and more popular every day. This is not surprising, because it nails, to create a unique image of each girl in a couple of hours. So also worth noting that the artificial coating applied to natural nails and protects them from environmental hazards. To date, there […]

Apr '19


This is called "undeveloped emotion." Take, for example, dogs when they meet, they either peacefully or disagree, if for any reason not satisfied with each other, engage in a fight. There was emotion, which led to action. Thus, the emotion was spent. This is a very important mechanism, because at the moment we receive emotional […]

Jun '14

Cosmetic Manufacturers

I did not plan to open a company to manufacture cosmetics. But sitting in a beauty salon in Rome a few years ago, I made a discovery. I could not help but notice that some women leaving the salon were detained near the exit. Through some time out of their colorist with a small paper […]