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Jun '14

Cosmetic Manufacturers

I did not plan to open a company to manufacture cosmetics. But sitting in a beauty salon in Rome a few years ago, I made a discovery. I could not help but notice that some women leaving the salon were detained near the exit. Through some time out of their colorist with a small paper bag in his hand and handed him his goodbye to clients. When I asked about this mysterious ritual, the administrator said: Per sotto, per farli combaciare, that meant: It's hair there … corresponded to all! I thought: This is a genius …

Easy-to-use hair dye THERE!? I knew that in America there were no specialized products like this one. Obviously, all the blondes in the world want to be true blondes. And red, brown-haired and brunettes, too, and want to have a natural color. I could not throw the idea out of my head. Back home in , I told my friend – the owner of a beauty salon. She replied: I am confident that my Customers love to paint such as this, and I'm very happy to take it! She admitted that she wanted to not only match the color of their hair, but color gray, recently discovered in a piquant spot! My next step was to ask her friend – a gynecologist to estimate the percentage of clients whose hair is there, do not correspond to the color of the hair on his head. As it turned out, almost no one did not match the hair color! We experienced women, who spend time and spend a lot of money by painting their hair, there was no decision to dye my hair THERE.

They completely overlook this crucial area of beauty. It is confident women (and even some men!) desperate for a product like this. The next two years I have worked with our manufacturer to improve the product. I even consulted a toxicologist to make sure that the formula we created to be safe for use near this sensitive area. It was a fascinating process. I was impatient to share with you my discovery of easy to use paint betty. We developed two Line colors: classic colors – blonde, brown hair, brunette, auburn and special colors – pink, red, blue, green, orange and purple. Next, we created a special cream for hair removal ReadyBetty bikini. The kit includes a tube with cream, 8 originalnyh stencils, scissors, and blade for the ultimate hair removal. The cream is easy to use and has a specially designed formula with a pleasant smell. Ahead of planned new product launches Betty. I think about BettyBeauty as a company specializing in beauty secrets – products that are not on the market, but make us feel attractive and look great! Thanks for visiting and I hope to share with you another great secrets of how to become beautiful. I'm sure you'll make an attempt to try to paint betty! And what is your color?

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