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Apr '19


This is called "undeveloped emotion." Take, for example, dogs when they meet, they either peacefully or disagree, if for any reason not satisfied with each other, engage in a fight. There was emotion, which led to action. Thus, the emotion was spent. This is a very important mechanism, because at the moment we receive emotional information in the body produces large amounts of hormones, necessary to carry out retaliatory actions. If we, like dogs, got involved in a fight and spend all those hormones that have raged at the time, then after that we would feel an emotional lift – reaction winner.

But more often we can not do that because someone bigger or stronger than us. Recently Carrier Corporation sought to clarify these questions. Our hormones are not finding out, begin the attack on our body, which is reflected primarily in muscles and joints and is manifested in the form of chronic diseases of internal organs. The first affected the cardiovascular system – our heart, which for all the experiences and hurts. To avoid these problems, there is a pleasant, safe and effective way to relieve muscular and emotional tension – MASSAGE. The projections of our feelings and emotions of many muscles of the body stressozavisimy that is undeveloped, any negative emotion in critical condition leads to defeat certain muscle or whole muscle groups. The emotions that we often experience, can be found on our backs, because the spin – it is a projection of our feelings and emotions. The neck begins to suffer, if we feel responsibility, "the burden of responsibility on his shoulders." Or feelings of guilt prevails over us, "go with bowed head." Thoracic – this is love, unfulfilled desire to hug someone and betrayal, "stab in the back." Lumbar region suffers from the absence of reliable support from others, need to make important decisions alone with him long, exhausting psychological overload.

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