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Jan '22

State Court Costs

What tenants need to look for the end of the year means the receipt of service charge settlement for the previous year for many tenants. sion. The landlord must adhere different regulations. A billing period must no longer than twelve months, and on the other hand the service charge settlement must be received the tenant […]

Oct '20

Hanover Regional Court

Our fight for consumer rights is in a new round of”, Jens Heidenreich is confident. An always stronger wind is blowing against the insurance industry.” “No mere lip service: now the Hanover Regional Court has already brought proceedings against the provincial life insurance Hanover on the same issue in terms of the litigation Harald S. […]

Oct '20

Rainer Michaelis

Answering the question requires it, for example, that all existing prevention modules, ranging from the statutory pension, company pensions, insurance contracts to real estate and expected inheritances are included in the calculation. Each module is considered about the passage of time usually different in its tax and inflationary developments. More important adjustment screw with a […]