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Oct '20

Rainer Michaelis

Answering the question requires it, for example, that all existing prevention modules, ranging from the statutory pension, company pensions, insurance contracts to real estate and expected inheritances are included in the calculation. Each module is considered about the passage of time usually different in its tax and inflationary developments. More important adjustment screw with a solid pension plan is the individual life expectancy, which can vary from the current Pension Board due to pre-existing conditions. Risk management plays a more important role, because the pension provision in the case of serious illness or a sudden death for themselves and/or the partner can be ensured. The underlying interest rate product and the before tax rate of return are more significant factors in the calculation of a pension gap. How to bypass male/female with liquid assets or funds or soft factors in favour of a shift? A further important adjustment is the dynamics, which can have significant implications for periods of 10, 20 or even 50 years. For example inflation 2,000 expected pension equals over 20 years at an average inflation of 2% after today’s purchasing power only 1,335 in 40 years corresponds to that of today’s purchasing power by 891,40.

Pension savers therefore only have a chance to counteract the looming supply gap via inflation: you must use the compound interest. It involves not only the applied capital brings yield, but also the annual income in turn bear fruit year after year. The power of compound interest can demonstrate themselves in turn to an example: 10,000 so created to bring 5% annually, 30 years grow to within 20 years 26,500, to 43,200, and after 40 years on 70.400. On the other hand 200 accumulate monthly in a savings plan with 5% interest paid after 20 years on 81.500 (deposits 48,000). After 30 years the savings assets has grown to 163.700 (deposits 72,000) and after 40 years on 297.700 (deposits 96,000). Well advised many consultants turn out to be time as pure product seller, so the conclusion of the Consumer Council. Commissions and fees consume the return of financial products.

Return pur works, however, if the net principle prevails. More and more investors take advantage of the independent and neutral advice, an honorary consultant. A honorary consultant will never recommend something, which helps him more than the customers. The goal of an honorary consulting is to enable the customer to make a decision which corresponds to its interests and ideas. The consultant can worked without sales pressure in the sense of the customer be – and the permanent. The consultant receives a clearly defined remuneration for the time. Bottom line quality is the opposite of random. Saying that it must be now active if you want to assess whether the pension is sufficient to become a comfortable 100 years old. Principles of the fee consultancy fee consulting is a service of neutral advisor, where only the expertise and the time required will be rewarded. u0085any open and hidden payments by third parties based on complete transparency and the rejection. u0085pursuing the sustainable care of clients in their exclusive interest. The issue of pensions is issue where real experts are needed. Honorary Consultant are no product brokers and offer real money values benefits consumers in addition to the independent, individual advice.

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