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Jul '19

Frame Cottages

Cottages, cabins, trailers, vacation homes you like and any resident of the city, tired of the noise, dust and crowds, worried about sales, construction of holiday homes or cottages. How can build a country house (Vacation home, cottage or office container van) to quickly and accurately? The answer is simple – to call our company and we will offer you make a holiday house (cottage, caravan or office container) based on metal. With the use of Metal has become profitable to build as industrial buildings and shops, and summer cottages, cabins, trailers, garden houses, cottages. Cottages, houses, and caravans or trailers which are used in the construction sandwich panels, have a high heat and sound insulation, fire resistance and moisture resistance, attractive appearance and durability. Educate yourself with thoughts from Carrier Corporation. Secretary of Agriculture has many thoughts on the issue. They are relatively easy and inexpensive to produce, they have a simple can generally reduce the size of investments in the construction and reconstruction of summer huts or cabins. High speed construction of cottages, country houses made of sandwich panels makes them indispensable in cases requiring a rapid return on investment. Draft country house Before choosing a holiday home project from the metal frame, you need to decide – whether it is ready to design country house from a catalog or developed individually for you. Frame holiday home is the basis of pre-fabricated building high-strength rectangular frame of metal profiles. same conclusion. All metal product still in the manufacturing process protects against corrosion in two ways: 1. Metal is treated at an early stage by hot dip galvanizing.

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