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Jun '20

VAT Security

The number of standard modes are “Basic”, “Transport”, “Day”, “Night” and others, as well as original CLVI (Clear Logic Video Intelligence), which is of great practical importance for the security surveillance in outdoor conditions. When it is activated security camera noticeably increase the sharpness of the image and transmit a clear video as fog, rain, frost, dust storms, etc. Switching between the modes via RS-485 or alarm input. To deliver informative images in variable lighting in the protected site cameras are equipped with a movable IR filter switching camera modes “day / night.” Sensitivity CCD-matrix used by TK-C9511EG can create a color / black and white image with a minimum illumination at the facility to 0.05 / 0.006 lux, and in the accumulation mode frames Sense-Up, these figures increased to 0,025 / 0.003 lux. To take into complete darkness security cameras can be retrofitted infrared illuminator, and the angle of illumination range which should meet the optics used. Minimize interference and noise that make it difficult video surveillance in the twilight or weak artificial light, noise cancellation system allows 3D Noise Reduction (3DNR). A distinctive feature of the TK-C9511EG, thanks to which these security cameras are able to work effectively with backlight, for example, light from automobile headlights, is support for the HLI (High Light Inverter) – inverter “peresvetok”, which reduces the brightness of the illuminated area in the frame, so that other areas could be seen better. To read more click here: Symantha Rodriguez. In addition, new security model uses the additional dynamic range ExDR (Extended Dynamic Range) Plus to compensate for the difference in the lightest and darkest areas of the frame, in particular, to recognize people when installing the camera on the contrary window.

Depending on the size of the object surveillance and lighting, this camera allows you to choose JVC lens from a wide range of proposals. In this case it is compatible with lenses with CS-mount type and iris, control signal DC (DC). To most accurately adjust the focus, this security model, you can use the mode Focus Adjustment Mode, in which the camera lens aperture opens fully for 30 seconds. And focus adjustment is simplified by temporarily reducing the depth of field. To remotely configure the new security cameras support telemetry protocols JCCP (JVC), Pelco-P and Pelco-D, which can be carried over twisted pair, plug-in via RS-485. The combination of classic design hull, with compact dimensions and functional content, allows to exploit the new cameras, both indoors and outdoors, and retrofitting them by housing.

The use of TK-C9511EG in the street surveillance systems and more attractive because they are powered from the AC power voltage of 220 V, which are used to power the heaters and fans housings. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Digital Cameras. At the same time security cameras have low energy, approximately 20% lower than the earlier camera models, JVC Professional, and other manufacturers, which are comparable to their technical parameters. New universal security camera JVC TK-C9511EG Day / Night” has already entered the Russian market, but their retail price is 31 459 rubles, including VAT. For more information on these and other camera brands for JVC security systems observations, send your request to or contact the official Russian equipment dealers JVC Professional. Company JVC Professional is part of the Japanese concern JVC (Victor Company of Japan) – a recognized world leader in the production of professional audio and video equipment, including video surveillance equipment. In the Russian market very popular analog cameras, video recorders (DVR and NVR), rotary dome cameras, LCD-monitors, and various IP-cameras and other equipment from JVC for analog and IP-video surveillance systems.

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