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Jul '16

The Experts

It is desirable that the ladder (With his own hands made or bought), located in a residential area in the lobby or vestibule, was addressed to incoming only its front or side facade. Given the location of the stairs, you should not lose sight of its aesthetic qualities. Staircase with open steps (do this type of ladder is not so difficult), loses his mind on the stairs with the closed stages and affects the perception of the front interior is not the best way. Worries about how to build a wooden ladder blanket type, best left to professionals. Only in this case there is a guarantee of its security. Harmonicity of the compatibility of the appearance of the ladder with the interior or exterior of the house – a of the factors influencing the choices of species and the type of stairs, but also on aesthetic prestige at home as a whole. No wonder the aesthetics of ancient architecture, architecture of the Renaissance and the Baroque and Rococo have attached great importance inclusion peredneplanovyh stairs in interior or exterior single ensemble building. Of course, the aesthetics of interior design modern home is far from the ideals of the past, but hardly anyone of domovlodeltsev I would like to spoil your home looks ridiculous-looking stairs (with their own hands it is made or the owners decided to build a ladder by ordering it from the experts – it does not matter). Build a wooden house ponderous stairs made of stone or metal materials as absurd as to stick a wooden spoon or a metal marble handle.

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