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Dec '21

The Door

These plates are made of designed for logging and waste. Chipboard (particleboard) is made from chips, mixed with a binder material for synthetic resins. Panel uniform thickness are obtained by pressing and sintering. Plywood produced from a variety of sheets of wood of various thicknesses. Sheets glued to each other adhesives based on synthetic resins. […]

Dec '21

Enjoy Your Shower

Thus, in many inner-city apartments a long bathtub does not exceed 150 cm, and really soak in it can only be those whose growth is not greater than 150-160 cm high as people are forced to sit in the water on the belt. But the shower is convenient for everyone – for small and for […]

Feb '12

Home Design Decisions

There are several limitations imposed by the applicable rules and regulations, so not all design decisions can be implemented. Not allowed redevelopment leading to: the stability of the destruction or carrying building structures, deterioration of the safety and appearance of the facade, breaking fire fighting equipment, hampering access to utilities and tripping devices. Not allowed […]

Nov '11

Two Truckers Woes

For the past six months, formally operates so-called dacha amnesty. However, despite the simplification of the registration system, draw his six hectare owners of suburban areas are not in a hurry. The implementation of the law, according to his authors, is stalling because of the monopoly firms, which require too high a fee for services […]