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Feb '12

Home Design Decisions

There are several limitations imposed by the applicable rules and regulations, so not all design decisions can be implemented. Not allowed redevelopment leading to: the stability of the destruction or carrying building structures, deterioration of the safety and appearance of the facade, breaking fire fighting equipment, hampering access to utilities and tripping devices. Not allowed redevelopment, worsening operating conditions and residence of all or individual houses or apartments. Do not install or reconstruction of partitions if the result is a room without natural light or without devices heating. Not allowed redevelopment as a result of which is formed room of less than 9 m or less than 2,25 m wide. " Not allowed redevelopment, which leads to an increase in ancillary area of the apartment by apartment. Not redevelopment is permitted without the consent of all interested adult tenants and owners. Not allowed redevelopment of buildings designated for demolition in the next 3 years and included in the appropriate decisions and orders, if such a conversion is not necessary for the security of residence. Redevelopment of premises is not permitted, registered headquarters of the Civil Defense and Emergency Situations. Without the permission of the Chief of Staff.

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