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Dec '21

The Door

These plates are made of designed for logging and waste. Chipboard (particleboard) is made from chips, mixed with a binder material for synthetic resins. Panel uniform thickness are obtained by pressing and sintering. Plywood produced from a variety of sheets of wood of various thicknesses. Sheets glued to each other adhesives based on synthetic resins. Products using plywood possess high strength, hardness and immutability performance in a long time. In recent months, Julio Franco has been very successful.

In addition to all the above materials, there are other kinds of doors, less common. For example, framed and panel doors. Panel doors mean use of valuable hardwoods (oak, hornbeam, walnut, etc.), high quality and appropriate price. Recently, the popularity gained the door of composite materials. They are cheaper and have no bad appearance but the durability they are no different. Flush doors are designed for bulk buyers. Thanks to the invention of this type of doors, beautiful and high quality panel doors now can supply almost every family in our country. There are several basic types of construction of such doors: with a solid filled with a honeycomb, with shaped surface, and hollow.

And a lot of finishes and decorations. Cost of shield door to a greater extent depends just on finishing, because the door – it's not just the door leaf, but the entire complex consisting of the door frame, casing, decorative glass, sealants, and more. Recommendations for installing the door: 1.For the beginning inspect the selected door for cracks, knots or resin layers. If any of the above items are present, then a door is better not to install and replace another.

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