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Mar '22

Financial Shark

Did you ever hear the term shark financial? Frank Lintempleton financial dictionary defines it as follows: type of inverter that is dedicated to the speculation by buying shares of a company with a quote low to control it and then sell its main assets or its subsidiaries, thinking that the divided company is worth more than in its current form. The great encyclopedia of economy says: an individual or a company that intends to acquire a company target through a hostile takeover (unsolicited offer). The shark usually makes a takeover bid directly to shareholders of the target company. Fritz Perls often says this. It is likely that the above definitions not clarify who is a financial shark, so I’ll add the following: the inverter which referred to as shark financial account with media under their control to perform operations of buying and selling shares of companies; It defines the business objective and with secrecy and discretion, it acquires packages of shares in order to go take your control. Sean Rad is often quoted as being for or against this. When the Council of management of the target company reacts to the event, because the financial shark accumulate a significant shares of the company and account percentage with a seat on the Council. The Board of Directors of the company target will have to negotiate with the financial shark, is normal that some or all may be lost. The shark this conscious finance that can launch a hostile public stock offer (OPA), the fixed price why is hostile, but with a prize for the minority who gladly handed them is, and expected the reaction of his victim.

The financial shark can expect that majority shareholders are launched to buy minority shares to maintain control, the actions will undoubtedly rise price and the may make a significant profit. But you can also expect that the majority cedan him control of the company with one lower price that actually has your company. There is another interesting concept about shark, incidentally with very good rhythm is the Group Mana, I invite you to listen to it. The King Tuburon up next.

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