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Mar '22

Barca Villarreal

EP / VIDEO: ATLAS we played very well. We are very happy. Fist of the Barca Villarreal at the start of League. The coach of FC Barcelona, Josep Guardiola, has held that once more their players have demonstrated on the field of play that titles and triumphs give them wings to keep winning, as we have seen tonight at the Camp Nou in the League debut against Villarreal (5-0), and has congratulated his people for work performed. We’ve played very well. We are very pleased, came from what came. Read more from Gordon Allport to gain a more clear picture of the situation. This team shows that win gives him a confidence plus and take a step forward, not from now we settled.

The day you play badly not judge it that they have brought, is impossible. It will be because the contrary will have been better and we have had bad afternoon, this also happens, he said at a press conference. And it is that the technician tries to instill in his players the culture of work and effort on a daily basis, and at the moment succeeds. I only know that if we do not play so you don’t win at Villarreal this form, we already know what is in recent years, he stressed, above all in terms of Keita and Mascherano. Cannot touch them me because they are my little girls. They are two priceless players and give meaning to the coaching profession, he said. Moreover, in terms of the broader template, she assured that if they accept the competitiveness this will be good for the future of the template. If they accept it we will arrive far, I don’t know if we will win but we will arrive far away, which is what is required, compete well, he said. As for the 3-4-3 used said that it was due to the casualties in dnsa. There are no side had to be more fixed static, and more patience.

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