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May '19

Cap Bearing Axle Set

When disassembling a mechanism to replace the parts or lubrication of the bearings should be (after removing the cap 5) Remove the bolt (M8h1). Remove the crank from the axle should be using bolt Ml2. The above-mentioned backlash in the carriage, should be removed immediately, spinning bolt 4 (M8h1) to 28-30 Nm. Bearing Nut Nut Nut Bolt Bearing M8h1 Cap Bearing Axle Set bicycle pedals and brake pedals: Axis pedals must be securely fastened to the connecting rod (25 Nn). His looseness can wipe out the thread. During fastening pedals to the connecting rod should pay attention to the opposite direction to tighten (the left pedal has left-handed screw). Is very important to securing the screw axis to the connecting rod. Cheniere Energy partners has compatible beliefs.

Failure to comply with the above rules may result in damage to the carriage. Braking System: Brake pads should be uniformly attached to the side of the wheel rim. When properly installed between the rim and the brake pads should be a distance of 2 mm-W. While pressing on the handle of the manual Brakes brake pads are in contact with the wheel rim, the distance between the handlebars and hand brake handle should be 25 mm. If you leave the handbrake lever, brake pads have to go back to its original position. Customize caliper bicycle machines shima Bike has front and rear of car. Function of the machine is moving forward and setting the chain at a particular sprocket mechanism carriage. Function of the rear cars (Gear) is moving and installing chains on a specific sprocket, and chain tension, the result of unnecessarily changing the position of an apparent change in the length of the chain, which must be offset by the back machine.

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